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DEXA Fat scans – revolutionising how we see ourselves

You may not have heard of the DEXA fat scan before, but trust us when we say that more and more people are now talking about them. DEXA stands for Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry and is a low-volume radiation form of x-ray that can determine the make up of your body between bone, lean tissue such as muscle, and body fat. It is a remarkable use of modern technology where not one, but two sources of radiation are used to create a two-dimensional image of your body, one which provides a very clear indication of just how much body fat you have. As a consequence, we are now able to see our bodies for what they actually are, as opposed to what we thought they were. In a day and age where more and more emphasis is being put on weight and the benefits of exercise, at Bodyscan UK we have found that the DEXA fat scan has proved to be an immense incentive to help people lose weight. The DEXA fat scan doesn’t lie, and unlike a BMI test, the results aren’t vague. A DEXA body scan will show you exactly where there are fatty deposits on your body.

Recent surveys have shown that our perception of what a healthy weight is and what a healthy body looks like has changed, and the news isn’t good. Basically many of us now see someone who is overweight as having a ‘normal’ body shape. If we see the overweight body as being normal and healthy, then what incentive is there to lose weight and exercise? The DEXA body scan is doing its best to redress this imbalance in perception as the scanner doesn’t lie. So, if you are a little confused as to what is a healthy weight and level of body fat, why not contact us and come in to have your own DEXA body fat scan carried out? That way you will know exactly if you are in good shape or not.

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