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Thanks for applying for the customer service role at Bodyscan.

We’d like to take your application further by asking you to respond to some typical questions we often get by email. In your responses we’re looking for how well you write (spelling, grammar, punctuation, paragraphs, etc) how well you answer each question, the balance of detail vs conciseness (ie, not too short and not too long), friendliness, warmth, etc.

It’s also an exercise in how good you are at finding the answers, most of which can be found in our FAQs and other pages on the Bodyscan website (

There may well be things you’re not sure of or can’t find out. In those cases, instead of writing a reply to the customer, you may want to tell us what further information you would need or that you would pass the query to the manager. Whatever feels right for now.

The questions for you to reply to can be found below.

The first page of the document shows an example question and what we would expect to be a helpful answer.

You should write your own responses, one response per page, in the document and then email it to us at [email protected] or [email protected]

The deadline for returning your responses as a Word document is close of business Friday 26th August.

Please DO NOT phone the Bodyscan number, they cannot help you and there should be no questions you need to ask about the task. This is to assess your initiative and ability to make your own decisions as well as you proficiency at answering questions by email.

Please don’t rush the task, we’re looking for quality over speed.

Many thanks and good luck. We look forward to getting your response by 26th August.

Bodyscan Management

Please check our FAQs first!

Our FAQs give info on Prices, Making a Booking, Having the Scan and Prepaid Packages.