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Common Mistakes That Ruin Your Body Composition

If you want to achieve more muscle and less fat, it’s not enough to put in the hours and effort. To reach your goal, you also have to research the right methods on how you’ll get there. Here we have compiled the five most common mistakes you have to avoid when building an excellent body composition.

Not training enough
An average gym user tends to quit after just six months stating that they do not have enough time or are not seeing any positive results. When improving body composition, you need to do serious exercise for serious results. Training just once or twice a week is not enough and would limit your ability to build muscle and lose fat. It doesn’t mean that you have to immediately increase your training to each day of the week. Give your body time to recover and slowly build up your training frequency over time. 

Doing excess cardio
Cardio is important in body composition and increases your overall cardiovascular health. However, long duration steady-state cardio will ruin your overall body composition since you have to maintain this routine when your body have adapted with this type of workout. It is advisable to just do steady-state cardio for a few times a week and do intervals training in between.

Disregarding the importance of sleep
Regardless of your diet, lack of sleep may lead to muscle loss and produce more body fat. Studies suggest that individuals who sleep 8 hours a day lose more fat than those who sleep for five hours or less, even with eating the same amount of calories. This is because our body uses this time to recover and when you allocate a longer period of rest on night time, you allow your body to develop and grow.

Not paying attention to what you eat
When people are trying to gain muscle or lose fat they tend to opt for the smallest serving sizes without knowing how important it is to get their portions correct. Keep in mind that unhealthy eating habits will also manifest themselves in your physical appearance.

Not drinking enough water
Water has a thermogenic effect in the body that’s been proven to aid fat loss, therefore the simple act of rehydration and drinking plenty of water will boost your metabolism. Being even slightly dehydrated can affect performance, especially if you’re doing intense training exercises.

If you want to measure your body composition and assess your health and fitness level,one of the most common methods is by the use of DEXA or dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. DEXA is the fastest way to get a highly accurate baseline not only of body composition but bone mineral content (BMC) and bone mineral density (BMD) as well.

With the help of DEXA, it is now easier to determine whether you have a healthy body composition or not. A lower percentage of body fat and an increase in lean muscle is the definition of good body composition.

Bodyscan’s colour DEXA image and hard data will inform not just how much fat and lean mass you’re carrying but how it’s distributed around your body. 

We also offer personal coaching and nutrition and lifestyle support which are both designed for anyone looking to reduce fat, improve muscle or both. Bodyscan’s body composition calculator will utilise data from nearly 7000 scans to give you specific kilogram targets – not for overall weight but individually for fat and muscle. Click here to start your fitness journey now.

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