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More Body Transformation testimonials

“I decided to take up the coaching program as it makes total sense for the guy who knows and dissects my Bodyscan results to be tailoring and overseeing my workouts and goals.

I have found the program super-beneficial. Response time is always quick; I’m able to get answers to any queries that I have about technique or tweaks to my diet or the programme itself. In the case of my initial phase, we were able to re-adjust things where my reactions to the certain elements of the training and diet weren’t typical. I’m now eating a shedload of carbs and have maintained leanness. Result.

I’ve had online coaches before and they’ve been good, but the key factor here is that Archie knows my scan results and is able to build and track the programme directly to them.

I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been which is no mean feat for someone in their forties. And my diet isn’t punishment – I know how to manipulate my macros and still have loads of foods I like, including chocolate every day – I’ve found something that’s workable long-term.

For sure I would recommend the coaching to anyone looking to improve their body composition and knowledge of training and nutrition in tandem with regular scans.”

“I chose this programme as after gaining weight due to poor diet I wanted to understand the best way to improve my body composition. I needed professional advice as to how to fuel my body correctly for my gym and tennis training.

I had been struggling with binge eating after trying to reduce calories too much for my lifestyle. The programme offered the extra and unique incentive of body scans to give clear evidence of the results. After 10 weeks with Archie I had lost 7kg of fat whilst increasing my strength which I thought wasn’t possible being over 50. This has been achieved by a very balanced nutritional plan, which allowed me so much flexibility and considerably more calories than I have ever had when reducing weight.

Archie explained fully the logic behind his recommended nutrition macros which made so much sense and was a massive aid to re- educating my food habits. The nutritional element of the programme has been an outstanding help for me.

The training element of the programmed again has been spot on, Archie understanding my needs and explaining why and how best to train for tennis which would enhance performance rather than exhaust and pressurise the body. Speed, agility and stamina on court exceeding my expectations due to a combination of fat loss and the correct weight training regime. Archie is highly knowledgeable, professional, supportive and understanding and I can’t thank him enough for helping me exceed all my goals.”

“I found out about the Bodyscan Coaching with Archie after attending a DEXA scan in December 2017. I had spent the last year losing approximately 20kg and wanted to see what my levels of body fat were. Archie mentioned the coaching program to me at the time but I was confident based on my own results that I could do it by myself.

Long story short, I joined the coaching program in April 2018 after I had spent three months trying to losing fat and build muscle, only to find that I had put on both weight and fat with little muscle gain to show for it. It was at this point that I decided that I needed the expertise and knowledge of someone who had coached clients to similar results I was hoping to achieve.

Fast forward four months (August 2018), I am in the best shape I have ever been according to my wife. Personally, I feel stronger and clothes fit me much better. Friends and family have even asked what I have done to achieve this transformation.

Archie’s doesn’t just create a one-time training & nutrition programme, he continually adapts it depending on your progress towards your specific goal. What I also like about Archie’s approach is that he takes the time to explain the science behind the changes he recommends and he is incredibly quick to respond to any messages you send to him.

If you are serious about obtaining your dream physique, I would highly recommend the coaching program. It’s really affordable for the value it offers and more importantly will save you months and even years of making the same mistakes and spinning your wheels.”

“When I first found about Bodyscan and I measured my body composition, I was shocked to see how poor my stats were! Although according to my BMI my weight was optimal, this was mostly due to a very low level of muscle, and my body fat percentage was much higher than what I would have imagined. I thought I had to do something about that: I had no reason not to be in shape, as a healthy young individual. Archie proposed the coaching programme as a way to help with that, through a combination of controlled dieting and weight-based training, tailor-made to my life-style and the stats from the scans. After doing some research, I thought it was worth the effort and I decided to sign up.

The style of coaching particularly suits me, as it combines a constant check-up, with the requirement of constant progress reports, with the freedom of being able to adapt my schedule to my need. An online coaching programme allows me to eat and workout freely, depending on what I want or can do on a specific day, but at the same time the weekly external monitoring motivates me to eat correctly, follow plans and workout constantly.

A simultaneous loss of 5kg fat and gain of 5kg lean mass

I also like how Archie is always willing to adapt plans to specific circumstances (for example he produces specific plans for holidays) or to my goals in a specific period (for example putting more focus on fat loss or muscle gain). His constant check-up of weight, measures and progress photos are a great motivation to stick to plans and push myself towards my goals. I also like how he promptly analyses the training videos I send him and provides feedback about my weightlifting technique.

In a bit more than one year I have significantly re-shaped my body. My weight is only slightly below it was when I started, but I am significantly more muscular and less fat.

Now I feel more confident with my body, for example I feel much better about being shirtless in public. But more importantly, this programme has changed my relationship with food and with training: I have understood the importance of eating healthily and regularly and of constantly training my body. I generally feel healthier and I can control my impulses much better, in particular in situations where it is easy to exceed! This coaching style has also enhanced my ability to work towards my goals and not to give up when I meet an obstacle. Overall I have found the coaching extremely useful.”

“I have had a lifelong goal to see my abs, and despite generally having maintained what I thought was a relatively healthy lifestyle, have realistically never got close to achieving this goal. Now in my early 40s, I realised this goal was only going to get ever-increasingly difficult to hit – so I knew I had to get serious and bring in the professionals!

I originally started with my own exercise/nutrition programme combined with DEXA scans (so I could at least measure the results accurately). The DEXA results showed some progress, but I was alarmed at the rate of muscle I had lost in addition to the fat loss. I knew I had to ramp it up even further and combine the DEXA scans with the coaching programme – and I am so glad I did! It has been life-changing in so many ways! I have also learnt so much more about nutrition and exercise than I ever thought possible, and I am now closer to achieving my goal than ever before.

The best aspect about the coaching is quite literally Archie himself! The before/after photos of clients speak for themselves in many ways – but what you do not see in these photos is the change in peoples’ understanding of body composition, their general mindset, and also how they feel about themselves – which are equally as important. The way Archie approaches the coaching and provides feedback is fundamental to all of this!

Archie is able to explain things in a way that makes sense and all fits together, even if you don’t have lots of what I would call scientific background in exercise/nutrition. What I especially like is that Archie always explains why he is making suggestions, rather than just telling you what to do – so over the programme you end up learning a whole lot too (much more than I ever expected). I find the messaging interface invaluable – you literally have a world class coach a click away, and Archie is always quick to respond with quality advice.

And above all, it is very clear that Archie really cares about his clients and their progress – this shines through in the way he approaches everything (from the scans to the coaching), and provides an incredible amount of support and motivation – with a personal/genuine touch that is very rare to find in the hustle and bustle of today.

I feel like Benjamin Button at the moment! I have lost 10kg (that’s 44%) of my total fat mass (reducing my body fat percentage from 27% to 17%) in less than 6 months! I am hopefully now just a couple of months away from finally achieving my life long goal. When I show people my before/after photos they literally cannot believe them.

I would recommend Archie’s coaching 100%! I would say you do have to be prepared to really put in the work and stick to the plan consistently, and it is most definitely not easy – but if you do, be prepared to amaze yourself with what you can achieve.”

Archie’s testimonials from one-to-one personal training

As a self confessed cardio-junkie, I was never interested in seeing a PT – especially after observing them in my local gyms – but I started seeing Archie on my husband’s recommendation.

Over the 18 months I was with Archie not only did I get stronger – and see improvement in my shape and tone but I started to look at myself (and women in general) very differently.
I started to notice and value women around me who looked fit and strong and healthy rather than obsessing about wanting to be ‘skinny’.  Definitely not the mind-shift I was expecting my PT would help me achieve. He is focused, honest and I always felt he was 100% committed to me and my goals when I was training – which meant that when he did give me a compliment I knew it was real – and that was motivating.

When I started training I was 61kg and I am still roughly the same but I am 5cm smaller around the waist, and my shape and definition has improved across the board – legs, butt, upper body and abs. I have very high standards (ask my husband!) and Archie has never fallen short.

Anna Macleod

I am 6’5″ and at my heaviest, tipped the scales north of 115kg. I have been a keen cyclist, riding on average 60-100km per week but that never really helped me shift body fat or change my body shape, something that I had never really been comfortable with.
I joined the gym in 2012 but the results were slow, tedious and boring. Archie approached me, appalled at my tricep pull-down technique! He then went on to offer his services as a trainer and after my first session I promptly signed on for twice a week.

I can confidently say Archie has changed my life for the better and I have never been in such good shape and had such good health and fitness. It has added strength and power to my cycling, and turned me into a quite competent (cycling) climber, enabling me to keep pace with guys easily 15kg lighter than me.
If it wasn’t for Archie, i would not have the confidence, techniques or know-how to continue on this awesome journey he has started me on. I owe him a lot, and i cannot recommend his services as a trainer highly enough.

Drew Macleod

I started training with Archie in spring 2014. My main goals consisted of building some muscle mass and actually learning how to train different muscle groups. I quickly realised I had no idea what I was doing in the gym as Archie made me train muscle I didn’t know I had. My progress was evident quickly, my posture improved and the back pain that I just thought usual disappeared. I lost weight and gained muscle and my strength went through the roof. I felt more confident and looked better in my clothes, even having to go up a size.

Archie always shared expertise and pushed me to my limits. He targeted my weak areas (legs and back) and guided me through exercises I could do on my own without him. I looked forward to every session and was gutted when he moved on to more exciting things. Archie is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational. A fantastic personal trainer and I highly recommend you train with him if you get the chance. 10/10
James Merrodith

Archie and I have been working together for almost a year now and I can honestly say that he has completely changed my life. Asides from the improvements he had helped me make to my physique, he has helped improve my confidence and overall well-being and I cannot thank him enough.

A lot of personal trainers I’ve had in the past have just gone through the motions and I never know why I’m doing something. However, Archie always explains everything in depth – it’s very obvious he knows exactly what he is talking about and the scientific reasoning behind it.

Without a doubt I’d recommend Archie to anyone looking to transform their lives for the better. Transformations are not just about the changes to a physique. Whilst Archie has helped me drop body fat and build muscle through calorie manipulation and specific training principles, he has given me newfound confidence and the ability to feel proud of what I have achieved.

Robert Webb 

Working with Archie has been transformative to my training. He showed me how even the smallest change to how you perform an exercise can cause a huge change in what part of a muscle is worked and what results you’ll achieve.

In a couple of weeks, I’d already seen dramatically different results. There are a lot of myths surrounding exercise and working out and Archie helped me cut through these and focus on what I should really be doing. We went through everything from training regimes to nutrition to lifestyle balancing and my workouts have been better ever since.

I genuinely can’t recommend Archie highly enough. The sessions were focused yet friendly and I was pushed each time I worked out. It’s a shame more PTs aren’t like him.

Dan Kilby

I’d been a gym member for  about 11 years before Archie and I started training together but never managed to achieve anywhere near the results I did whilst training with Archie.

My training goals were muscle definition as well as general fitness.

He is clearly very knowledgeable when it comes to training, and weight training in particular and was very helpful with pointers for correcting my technique which was important to me. As an injury-prone individual I was also very pleased how easily and without fuss he adapted our training to account for any injury I might have picked up elsewhere.

I would whole-heartedly recommend his services to anyone.

Jamie Pollard

I chose Archie as my PT, from a wide range available, as someone with the ability, skillset, and understanding who could address all my issues – within the strict time parameters I had to work in.

He was able to effectively address all my issues, and far surpass the goals I had set myself (which were fairly aggressive):

Posture corrected, no more hunching forward, and strong back muscles pulling and holding shoulders back in place. Allowing me stand tall comfortably and naturally.

My shoulder joints and extent of movement is now excellent. From not being able to even hold my arms straight up and aligned with my body, I know have full movement and control. Similarly with my knees and hips, which are now very stable and flexible. Compared to being stiff, misaligned, and uncomfortable before.

My general fitness levels are now high, with a greatly improved resting heart rate, and aerobic endurance. My weight was sensibly managed down from 96kg to 85kg over time, cutting my waist from over 36″ to 33″.

My overall physique is greatly improved, in terms of core muscle size and definition (arms, shoulders, back, chest, upper legs). Moving back up to 94kg, of which a lot is new muscle bulk. Overall, I feel and look much stronger.

Archie is an exemplary professional who fully understands the fitness industry, and executes his PT services to the highest levels. He is able to effectively drive and deliver results, and clearly meets, and can surpass, the goals set. I find him to be an excellent advert for the fitness industry as a whole, and any establishment where he works.

Umran Akhtar

For a long time I have struggled with my weight, diet and fitness level, and suffered from chronic back and knee pain. I have previously worked with multiple personal trainers, with sadly very little success and no long-term benefits. I then worked with Archie Williams as my personal trainer for 19 months in Balham.

Over our time working together I achieved what I regard as remarkable changes in terms of my weight, physical appearance and fitness. My weight dropped from in excess of 120kg to 95kg and I have a physique I thought never possible.

In addition to the weight loss, change in physique and dramatically improved fitness, I haven’t suffered from back or knee pain for many months and have never felt or slept better. Through my training sessions with Mr Williams I also now have the confidence and knowledge to train safely and effectively throughout the gym where I was previously terrified, uninformed and unlikely to succeed.

Dr Gavin M Mason

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