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Body Fat Percentage: What is healthy?

We’re all used to being bombarded by ‘get fit quick’ schemes around this time of year. If you decide on your own terms that you would like to focus on your health this year, we want to help you start your journey on the right foot. It’s important to figure out exactly where your body is right now, in order to set clear goals for where you want to be. This starts with analysing your current body composition, specifically your body fat percentage.

What is body fat percentage?

Your body composition is an analysis of the proportion of fat vs non-fat in your body. Non-fat consists of your bones, muscles, organs, ligaments, etc. So, when we talk about your body fat percentage we are referring to how much of your body composition is solely fat.

Different ways to calculate body fat percentage:

Bod pod:
Bod Pod is a body fat calculator that works by measuring how much air one displaces by sitting in a special ‘pod.’ From this, body density is calculated, from which body fat percentage can also be calculated. In comparison to body scans, some studies have found that the Bod Pod “overestimated body fat percentage in thinner participants and underestimated body fat percentage in heavier participants.”

DEXA body scans:
Body scans use a safe X-Ray dose to measure body composition (fat, lean muscle, and bone.) The scan results are presented in a three-page report giving you accurate and precise measurements. This high level of precision in comparison to alternative testing methods allows you to formulate accurate and meaningful fitness targets rather than just generically ‘losing weight.’

What is a healthy body fat percentage?

When it comes to body fat percentage, what is ‘healthy’ varies from person to person. The two most important factors that influence body fat percentage are sex and age.

Women tend to have a higher average body fat percentage than men, and as you age, it is expected that your body fat percentage will increase, though that is chiefly and simply because we tend to become less active. For example, a ‘good’ body fat percentage range for women in their 20s is between 25-28%, whereas a ‘good’ body fat percentage for women in their 40s is 27-32%. For men in the same age groups, the body fat percentage ranges would be 16-19% and 19-23% respectively.

Need some help?

We understand that weight measurement and management can be overwhelming. In addition to our body scans, we also offer nutrition plans formulated based on your scan results.

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