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What is the maximum height/weight you can scan?

Bodyscan’s DEXA scanner has a maximum weight limit of 190kg (that’s 418 pounds or 29 stone).

If you are very heavy and very large, your whole body will probably not fit within the width of the scanning table. The DEXA software is ready for this and enables us to position you with your left arm outside the scanning area, and then mirrors the data from your right arm to your left. This is standard practice for clients who are physcially very big.

You can see from the image below how the client’s left arm is off the table, and the data is identical for left arm and right arm in the table below.

Height is not an issue. Although the table has a scanning length of about 192cm (about 6’3″), if you are taller than this we will leave part of your head outside of the scanning area. This is fine because we are interested in the composition of your body, not your head!

The scan image below shows a man of 198cm, with part of his head outside the scanning area.

Philip Chant

Kevin Garde

Rob Webster