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A body scan is a realistic approach to weight loss

Starting with a body scan

A question that a lot of our clients at BodyScan ask frequently, is: “I’ve been using a weight loss calculator and tracking my calorie intake… but I’m not getting any closer to my body weight goals. Where am I getting it wrong?!” 

Calorie calculator maths is thrown off by your body’s adaptive nature. Your metabolism slows down as you reduce your caloric intake. Starting with an accurate body fat measurement also ensures that you set realistic goals from the get-go. A DEXA scan UK shows you measurements in a language that is easy to understand.

Body scan weight loss calculator

The body scan calorie calculator takes your body metabolism’s adaptive nature into account. This gives a more accurate picture of what you need to do to reach your ideal weight. By getting a body scan, you receive an accurate picture of how long it may take to achieve visible results. Before you use a body scancalorie calculator, make sure that your expectations about body change and weight loss match with how your body works.
What to expect from the DEXA body composition test

Our DEXA body fat measurement London clients achieve excellent results with the body scan weight loss calculator. But here’s what the DEXA body composition test or body scan can’t do: Predict every factor that affects your ability to reach your weight loss goals. Working out or meticulously tracking calories may be a viable weight loss approach for some.

Assess our affordable pricing, work with our DEXA body fat measurement London team and improve your results with a tailor-made approach. 

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