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When Bodyscan customers mention the nutritional element of their plans to lose body fat or gain muscle (and not many do), they often cite one or several of the following […]

body composition results

Just before Christmas 2016 a Bodyscan client presented with a very dramatic change in body re-composition. Though the actual scans were 17 months apart, the client reported that the changes […]

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On the front page of your Bodyscan report (bottom right) is a small table titled Lean Indices. There are two indices based on your lean mass here: 1.    Lean mass/height-squared  […]

muscles on human

During the coronavirus lockdown period, the gyms were closed and so most of us stopped weight-training completely. The two questions we’ve been asked many times are “How quickly will I […]

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This is a question we hear frequently, and the short answer is “no” (but it also depends on your objectives). Specifically, if your primary reason for having the DEXA scan […]