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When it comes to starting a weight loss journey, the science behind it is straight-forward. There’s no argument that the simple premise of needing to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight is commonplace amongst all fad diets, including fasting and restricting foods. There’s no escaping it.

But, what happens when you’re not losing weight despite following (what you think) is a calorie deficit? Let’s run through some of the top reasons you may be having problems shifting the weight. 

You’re not actually in a calorie deficit

Put simply: To make a calorie deficit that suits you best and to successfully tailor your daily food intake, you need to know your total daily calorie expenditure. The three components of calorie expenditure you must remember are;

  1. Resting metabolic rate
  2. Thermic effects of foods
  3. Daily physical activity expenditure

It can be difficult to work this out for yourself, especially if you’re new to nutrition, so get an effective plan in place with our team that can help tailor the best plan for you.
Your calorie counters aren’t accurate

There’s are a few reasons why your tracking may not actually be correct. These are;

  • Calorie trackers on exercise machines can vary greatly. Research shows that calorie trackers on ellipticals, running machines, and more can overestimate the calories burnt from a 30-minute session by more than 100 calories. That can throw your calorie tracking out the window!
  • If you’ve tried a few different calorie counter apps, you’ll be able to understand some of the discrepancies we’re alluding to here. Unfortunately, calorie counters can be fairly generalized, not allowing you to go into certain granular details. However, some smartphone diet-tracking apps do allow you to scan bar codes to get more accurate data. Hint: these tend to be the most popular and error-free ones!

Remember, if you want to track your calories, make sure you’re tracking ALL of your calories. This includes weekend eating and that mid-week glass of wine!

Here at Bodyscan, we offer DEXA body scans that can help measure body fat (another great metric to learn from for your weight loss journey). Additionally, we offer exercise and nutrition plans based on your scan results, which will also include discussing your ideal calorie deficit. Get in touch with us today for a friendly and realistic approach to your fitness journey.