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We live in a society that has become incredibly health conscious. While part of this knowledge drives some to go to the gym five times a week and run ten miles a day, others tend to try and ignore what they hear and believe that while being fit is clearly good for you, being unfit isn’t actually that bad. Even those who think they are fit and healthy, who don’t think they are overweight, are seldom sure, and that can lead to missing the fact that ever so gradually you are gaining weight. Many of us may have come across the letters BMI, standing for Body Mass Index, and if they fall within accepted norms, then all is well. However BMI is an estimate and estimates have margins for error. With Bodyscan UK we aim to remove all elements of doubt and instead we want you to know exactly just how much body fat, lean tissue and bone goes to make up your body.

 At Bodyscan we are able to perform what is known as a DEXA body scan to establish your DEXA body composition and level of DEXA body fat. DEXA is the acronym for Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry. The beauty of a DEXA fat scan is that it is one of the most accurate ways of establishing exactly how much of your body comprises body fat. It also establishes exactly where that body fat is, so that you can then target specific areas when you decide to lose weight. In knowing which parts of your body have stored the most fat, you will have a far better chance of not just reducing your weight, but reducing your BMI and true levels of body fat. To find out more about DEXA and the way we calculate your body composition, please contact us and we will be delighted to have an informal discussion to explain everything to you.

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This may sound like an odd question, but let’s take it as an analogy. You have worked so hard to succeed in your job and finally you earn enough money to be able to buy yourself a Porsche. It is symbolic of all your efforts and you want to ensure that it works perfectly whenever you go out in it. So, every six months you want it checked out to make sure everything is okay? Would you take it to a specialist dealer or drop it into your local garage located round the back of some dilapidated industrial estate? The answer should be obvious. So, let’s exchange the Porsche for your body, one you have recently been working hard on to get into shape. Do you want to know roughly how well you have done, or do you want to know exactly what you have achieved? If you are going to put the effort in to looking after your body, you need to know more accurately what is happening to it.

That’s where a DEXA body scan comes to the fore. Unlike calipers, your GP and a chart to measure your Body Mass Index which will give you a rough idea of your general level of body fat, a DEXA fat scan can show you exactly how much fat there is, and more importantly, where that fat is being stored. Now once you are armed with that information, everything becomes far easier to understand where both losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight are concerned. Based on your lifestyle, working environment, eating habits and exercise regimes, you can help your cardiovascular health, but fat can still accumulate on our body. Using the latest technology you can establish your DEXA fat, London being our most popular centre, though the DEXA body fat Manchester branch is increasing in popularity. Now you can specifically target areas of your body where you want to lose weight and exercise accordingly. To find out more about DEXA body scans, call us and we’ll be happy to explain it all to you.

This article has been written purely for the purpose of search engine optimisation. Our official blog page is  here.

There is no question that exercise is good for us. It is a known fact and one which was established a long time ago. There are some of us who exercise because it makes us feel good – the release of endorphins into the system creates that warm glow and sense of achievement, a feeling of well-being throughout. It is part of the reason why exercise is recommended for some people who suffer from depression. Now there are others of us who exercise because we know it is good for us. However that is our only motivation. It is almost a chore, something that has to be done, but under protest! Those of us who are like this envy the exercise junkies who have to go to the gym every day or they get withdrawal symptoms. However these people exercise so much that they have to eat to maintain their weight as opposed to exercising to lose weight. Double the reason to be jealous of them!

Now if you are exercising to lose weight, you want to see the results on the scales, but you also want to see the result when you look in the mirror. Looking good helps you feel good, but what if the exercise you do is helping you lose weight, but not from the right areas, or you aren’t losing much weight despite exercising? Now is the time to have a DEXA body scan. Why? Because a Dexa fat scan can clearly identify exactly where fat is being stored on your body. So how does this help you to lose weight? Well to be blunt, certain types of exercise target certain muscles, and certain areas of the body. Running on a treadmill may help you to lose weight from your legs and thighs, but what about your arms or stomach? Targeting areas thanks to having had a DEXA body composition scan means that you have a greater chance of losing weight more effectively and regaining that body shape you had hoped for. To find out more about DEXA body fat, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to explain in greater detail how DEXA can help you.

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The acronym DEXA stands for Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry. Now that may sound very much like something from Star Trek, and in some ways the technology wouldn’t be out of place there. However DEXA is a perfectly safe form of x-ray that not only creates a transparent image of your body’s make up, but it can also specifically identify three principal elements that go to make up your body. Bone, lean tissue and fat. Not only that, but a DEXA body composition scan does this for your whole body, arms, legs and trunk, not just specific areas. However please do not be alarmed when you see the word x-ray, as the levels of radiation used in a DEXA fat scan are nominal and much lower than those used in normal medical x-rays. Below is a table to reassure you:

Event                                                                     Dose (microSv)

Full Body CT Scan                                                  5000-15000

Specific Head CT Scan                                           2000-4000

X-Ray for Lumbar Region                                       600-1700

A 5 hour flight                                                               35  

Chest X-Ray                                                                40-50

Daily amount of normal background radiation     6-8

DEXA – bone density assessment                             11

DEXA* – whole body composition                           1-4

The DEXA fat scan uses very small doses of ionizing radiation. Unlike a CT scan, a DERXA scan is two-dimensional, but its uniqueness comes from the fact that two beams of radiation are used in order to effectively establish the body’s composition. As you might understand, the denser the composition of material an x-ray beam encounters, the less energy will be absorbed, and it is through measuring the levels of absorption that an image can be created that can clearly identify what is bone, what is lean tissue, and what is fatty tissue.Of course this is a very brief summary of the science behind a DEXA body scan, but it is meant to provide you with reassurance that a DEXA fat scan is a perfectly safe procedure. Of course with any procedure which involves any levels of radiation, a DEXA scan is not recommended for pregnant women. However with DEXA scans available in London, Manchester, Sidcup and Bury St Edmund’s, we have much of England covered, so please do contact us if you would like to learn more about DEXA body scans.

This article has been written purely for the purpose of search engine optimisation. Our official blog page is  here.

If you are a fitness fanatic, then clearly your health is very important to you. In addition, with advancements in modern science, it is now possible to become more involved on a personal level with our own physiology. We can establish the perfect diet for our health and lifestyle and regulate our weight to within an ounce or two of what we feel is optimum for us. However we tend to rely on two things to assess whether we are in tip-top shape. Scales and a mirror. That’s right. We still depend very heavily on scales (excuse the pun!) and ultimately our eyes to gauge how we appear in the mirror – if our body is looking sufficiently lean and ‘ripped’. However our eyes and the scales can’t tell us everything we need to know, and the revolutionizing of x-rays now seeing the emergence of the DEXA body fat scan provides us with an exceptionally accurate tool to help us keep track of exactly what is happening with our body’s composition.

 The beauty of a DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) body fat scan is its ability to not only measure, but accurately show the composition of our body between bone, lean tissue and fatty tissue. Now if you are very conscious about your BMI, then you are going to want to know exactly where you stand as far as body fat is concerned, and calculating BMI is not a science, and nor is it accurate. As a consequence, a check-up every few months with a DEXA fat scan can enable you to accurately see exactly how much body fat you have, and therefore give you an idea of the type of exercises you need to do to reduce it. We have DEXA fat scan facilities in London, Manchester, Sidcup and Bury St Edmund’s, so if you really want to know how much body fat you have, contact us and arrange for your own personal DEXA fat scan.

This article has been written purely for the purpose of search engine optimisation. Our official blog page is  here.

DEXA scans do not hide the fact they use x-ray technology. As a consequence you have no need to feel unsettled or afraid concerning having a DEXA fat scan performed. Here at Bodyscan UK we have performed countless scans without any problem whatsoever and we are very much aware that while minute doses of radiation are used, it is purely ionizing radiation and at levels lower than you would encounter in everyday life. As an example, you will encounter more background radiation in a day than you will be exposed to with a 15 minute DEXA fat scan, so that should give you a pretty clear idea of just how safe it is. In fact DEXA body scans are becoming an increasingly popular form of body scan, having been originally developed to calculate bone density. However the technique proved so accurate that wider use for the technology was established, especially in the area of overall body composition.

So why is DEXA so important to establishing body composition? Well for a good number of years many of us have put our weight down to having heavy bones, a large frame, lots of muscle, etc. Now if we are going to be perfectly honest with ourselves, the truth is we just don’t want to admit that we are overweight. However if the truth is that you are very muscular, have a large frame and ‘heavy bones’, a DEXA body fat scan can reveal whether or not this is the truth; that is just how accurate theThe beauty of a DEXA body fat scan is its ability to accurately show the composition of our body between bone, lean tissue and fatty tissue.​ is. So if you want to put your mind at rest, or be given a clear incentive to lose weight, why not contact us and arrange to come in and have a DEXA fat scan – it is the sort of decision that could change your life for the better, and extend it too!

This article has been written purely for the purpose of search engine optimisation. Our official blog page is  here.